Whenever someone takes a picture of me, I feel like I look hideous . Why is that?


得票最高的 @Geoffrey Brickley 的回答:

I am a landscape photographer, generally, but occasionally am called on to photograph the occasional human or two.

I pull out the big camera with the telephoto lens and wide scatter flash.

“No, can’t you… like use the phone? That will bring out my flaws.” Actually the reverse is true.

We look distorted in the phone cameras, better in standard 35 or 50 mm and even better in 135mm, but the best images are in telephotos.

Because the wide angles distort our face. 85mm is considered the goto standard for portrait, 135mm a good plus, anything above is a bonus.

Anything below, like our cell phones, is not going to make us look our best, not going to look like us.

But there could actually be more to it. Beyond the photography lesson. I see a different image in the mirror.


来自 @Ivan Digon 的回答:

Because on picture, you lack of Motion.

You seem much more attractive in front of your mirror than on a picture ; because mirror reflects the way you behave, the way you truly are.

Whereas in a picture, everything is motionless, without this light of life.